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Finland's 100th Anniversary

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The Finnish Aviation Museum celebrates Finland’s 100th Anniversary by organizing a series of aviation-themed public events. Read more about the Anniversary programme in our upcoming events calendar (in Finnish). You can also visit the official –webpage.

A Century of Aviation in Independent Finland

The history of Independent Finland goes hand-in-hand with the history of flight. Only little over a decade had passed since the Wright Brothers’ first flight, when Finland declared its independence in 1917, and the new nation was eager to adapt this new form of technology. The Finnish Air Force was founded in 1918, and Aero Ltd. – present-day Finnair, one of the oldest still-operating airlines – only a few years later in 1923.

After the Second World War Finland, due to its geopolitical position, became a gateway between the East and the West. Even now the Helsinki Airport – our main international airport – is the most important hub between Northern Europe and Asia.

The themes of Finland Flies! –project are internationality, communality, nostalgy and vintage. The main target groups are the youth, families and aviation history enthusiasts. The project is part of official Anniversary Programme, organized by the prime minister’s office of Finland.

Anniversary Air Show 9.6.2017

As the culmination of the ”Finland Flies!” anniversary campaign, the Finnish Aviation Museum will organize an open Air Show over the seafront of the capital Helsinki, presenting the history and future of Finnish Aviation.

A rare event will take place over the seafront of the capital Helsinki on the 9th of June 2017. The Anniversary Air Show will present a unique cavalcade of flying aircraft from the past and the present. The Air Show and the Finland Flies! -campaign, celebrate the first century of independent Finland.

The venue has a special place in the Finnish Aviation History. The event has been inspired by the popular Air Shows of the early years of our independence, which made aviation and flying known to the public. Places like Katajanokka, Suomenlinna and Kaivopuisto have been the arena of important aviation events from the early years of Finnish independence to as late as the 1970s. The Finland 100 Anniversary Air Show combines this history to the future by displaying both classic and present day aircraft.

Read more from Kaivopuisto Air Show website

Additional information:

Markku Kyyrönen, Museum Director
+358 44 777 0797, markku.kyyronen (at)

"Suomi" Hot Air Balloon

The Finnish Aviation Museum celebrates the hundred years of Finnish independence by organizing a series of aviation-related events under the title “Finland Flies!”. The Museums “Suomi” Hot Air Balloon flies around the centenary events all around the country – from the Southern Coast to Lapland.

The ”Suomi” Hot Air Balloon is seen in centenary events all around Finland throughout the year. The flying season starts between February and March, and continues until late autumn.

The Finland Flies! -campaign is part of the official Finland 100 -program of 2017. Our partners, in addition to the crowdfunding patrons, include for example the City of Vantaa.

More information: Marketing Manager Henri Äijälä, +358 44 754 7754, henri.aijala(at)


Finland 100th Anniversary News

Arctic Eagles represents the history of Finnish aerobatics at the Kaivopuisto Air Show

  • Posted by Pia Illikainen
  • On 21.03.2017
The Aerobatic Team Arctic Eagles presents the history of Finnish civil aerobatics at the Kaivopuisto Air Show, organized 9.6.2017 by the Finnish Aviation Museum. The team follows the footsteps of the Red Birds, an aerobatic team led over three decades ago by the legendary Finnish aviator Seppo Saario. The Arctic Eagles attend the Kaivopuisto Air […]
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The new Finnair Airbus A350 airliner flies at the Kaivopuisto Air Show

  • Posted by Pia Illikainen
  • On 14.03.2017
A rare number will be seen in the Kaivopuisto Air Show 9.6.2017, a Finland 100 event organized by the Finnish Aviation Museum. The newest pride of Finnair, the Airbus A350 eXtra Wide Body airliner, makes a series of flybys at the Show. Airbus A350 XWB the new age of flight with advanced technology Finnair is […]
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Saab 35C Draken -Fighter attends the Kaivopuisto Air Show

  • Posted by Pia Illikainen
  • On 06.03.2017
Today, on the Anniversary Day of the Finnish Air Force, we are glad to announce a historic performer at the Kaivopuisto Air Show. The Saab 35C Draken -fighter, operated by the Swedish Air Force Historical Flight, will perform at Kaivopuisto in June. The predecessor of the current Hornet Fighters of the Finnish Air Force last […]
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The Finnish Aviation Museum is taking a Junkers Ju 52 -airliner on a nostalgy trip to the Kaivopuisto Air Show

  • Posted by Pia Illikainen
  • On 08.02.2017
The Finnish Aviation Museum has preliminarily reserved a 1930’s Junkers Ju 52/3m, operated by the Swiss JU-AIR, to be brought to the Kaivopuisto Air Show. Tickets are available for the ferry flights from Zürich to Helsinki via Berlin and Stockholm and back, as well as sightseeing flights in Helsinki. The historical flight will take place, […]
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Midnight Hawks and the F-18 Hornet perform at the Kaivopuisto Air Show

  • Posted by Pia Illikainen
  • On 03.02.2017
The Finnish Air Force has preliminarily confirmed their participation at the Kaivopuisto Air Show 9.6.2017, initially with the F-18 Hornet fighter and the Midnight Hawks display team. The full program will be confirmed during the spring. Midnight Hawks – Twenty Years of Aerobatic Display Aerobatics, especially team aerobatics, has had a central role in the […]
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