Flying Heritage Aircraft

Conference Dec 8th to 9th 2017

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Flying Heritage Aircraft Conference 2017

Finnish Aviation Museum organizes a Flying Heritage Aircraft Conference on December 8th to 9th 2017 which is a part of the Finland Flies! campaign belonging to official Finland 100 Anniversary Programme. The museum wants to bring operators from Finland and Europe together in order to discuss on heritage aircraft definition, their historical significance and recent developments in the restoration, operation, management and regulations set by the authorities. Finnish Aviation Museum wants to provoke more activity among flying heritage aircraft operators in Finland and bring together different parties such as museums, owners of the aircraft and authorities.

We have invited operators and owners of flying historical aircraft from Finland and abroad as speakers. They will present restoration projects as well as operating of heritage aircraft and organizations in the branch.

The conference is part of the policy written in the museum’s strategy to support operating of flying heritage aircraft.

Some of the questions to be spoken about in the conference are for example:

  • How can a diverse living cultural heritage of aviation be maintained in Finland and abroad?
  • What is the role of static display museum aircraft and flying heritage aircraft in saving and presenting history?
  • Which good practices can be brought into action from abroad? The challenges in maintaining flying heritage aircraft and traditional working methods.
  • Which are the steps of responsible actions to coordinate flying heritage aircraft activity in Finland?
  • What is the aim of heritage aircraft registry and support system in the future?

The languages of the conference will be English and Finnish, the first being emphasized in order to offer as comprehensive and interesting program as possible to our international guests. The presentations will not be interpreted.



Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation

Coordinator: Matias Laitinen, Keeper / Head of Collections
tel. +358 40 575 7783

Media accreditation:
Please contact: Pia Illikainen
tel. +358 44 239 5030

Place and time

Finnish Aviation Museum, Auditorium, Karhumäentie 12, Vantaa, Finland

Friday 8th to Saturday 9th December 2017

Additional information

Finnish Aviation Museum, Customer Service

tel. +358 9 8700 870

Facebook Event

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