Arctic Eagles

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The Aerobatic Team Arctic Eagles presents the history of Finnish civil aerobatics at the Kaivopuisto Air Show, organized 9.6.2017 by the Finnish Aviation Museum. The team follows the footsteps of the Red Birds, an aerobatic team led over three decades ago by the legendary Finnish aviator Seppo Saario. The Arctic Eagles attend the Kaivopuisto Air Show with three biplanes, originally built by Saario himself.

An aerobatic group fouded by Raimo Nikkanen, Tapio Pitkänen and Miikka Rautakoura, made their debut in 2013 under the name “Saario Special”. The name was a tribute to a legend of Finnish civil aerobatics. In 2014, the Oripää-based group performed under the name Arctic Eagles. A fourth member joined the team in 2016, Jyri Mattila – however, the team performs in Kaivopuisto with their original three-aircraft composition.

The Arctic Eagles show consists of tight formations and daring solo performances. The team members are all long-term private and professional pilots, who have exceeded in aerobatic competitions in addition to their career as performance pilots.

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