Special exhibitions

The 80th Anniversary Exhibition of Saab

An exhibition describing the aviation history of the aerospace and defense company Saab opens 21.6.2017 at the Finnish Aviation Museum. The exhibition is produced by Saab Finland Ltd., together with the Finnish Aviation Museum. The exhibition is open 21.6. – 30.12.2017.

The exhibition presents the long and innovative aviation history of Saab. During the past 80 years, the company has produced over 5 500 aircraft of over 15 different types, both for military and civilian use. You can also try the Museum’s Saab J35 Draken Simulator – the Draken flew a long period in the Finnish Air Force from 1972 to 2000 – and was last seen in Finland during the Kaivopuisto Air Show 9.6.2017.

Saab Ab, which is nowadays included among the leading defense and security companies in the World, was founded in 1937. At the time, the emphasis was to produce aircraft for the Swedish Air Force. After the Second World War, the company expanded its operations into the international market. Nowadays, Saab produces over 600 different systems for sea, land and air defense, from submarines to fighter planes, from field hospitals to remote flight control systems. The company has regional subsidiaries in over a hundred countries, on all continents.

Saab’s story in Finland began in 1946. Nowadays Saab Finland Ltd, and Saab’s subsidiary Combitech Ltd employ over 70 people in Finland.