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A Treasure Chest of Aviation

The Library

In our library we have a comprehensive collection of publications discussing both civilian and military aviation. Our library collection includes over 10 000 monographs, and a wide selection of magazines from different periods.

We attempt to get a copy of every aviation-themed publication published in Finland. In addition, we have a prominent sample of foreign publications, discussing aviation in Finland and abroad.

The Archives

Our document archives include material from airlines and other aviation-related corporations, clubs and organizations as well as personal archives and pilot logbooks. Our technical material includes aircraft blueprints, maintenance logs, aircraft logbooks and manuals. We have, for instance, a good number of technical manuals of various aircraft types and their parts, provided by the manufacturer to the operators (commercial airlines, Finnish Air Force).

Both Finnair and the Finnish Aeronautical Association have designated the Finnish Aviation Museum as their main archive keeper. In total, we have around 1800 shelf meters of material in our document archives.

Visit the library

Contacting the museum personnel beforehand is required to visit the library. Most of the magazines are not stored within the library; our curator will provide the required materials on request.

We have a copying machine in our library. We expect our customers to respect all copyrights when taking copies of books and other publications.

Part of collections are browsable in Finna service.

Using our archive collections

Our document and photograph archives are open for researchers only on beforehand agreement between Mondays and Fridays, 10 – 16. Original material is not handed outside the museum premises; researchers may use the copying machine in the library, or photograph the material.

If you wish to access our archives, please contact either our curator, mr. Tapio Juutinen (tapio.juutinen (at) / +358 44 739 1081) or intendant, mr. Matias Laitinen (matias.laitinen (at) / +358 40 575 7783).

The service fee for the library and archive services is 85 € / hour, in addition to the possible copying and scanning costs. A quick information retrieval or providing material to study (less than half-an-hour) are free-of-charge. See more information on the prices page.

The search service Finna allows you to browse a part of our archive collection (the small prints) from your own browser.

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