Guided Tours

Guided Tour In The Museum

The best way to get to know the Museum exhibitions is by booking a guided tour. Our tours are both entertaining and educating. They are suitable for all kinds of visitors from school groups to business parties.

A guided tour to our main exhibition and a children’s birthday tour are always available. In addition, we have themed tours and/or workshops to our special exhibitions. The exact content of the tour can be modified, to meet the interests of the participants. For school groups, we do our best to support the curriculum.

In addition to the guided tour fee, we require standard entrance fees for the participants. Children under 7 years are free of charge. To ensure a smooth visit, we ask for all groups of over ten persons to inform of their visit beforehand, even if they are not booking a tour.

Also please note our guidelines for visitors.

Basic Tour

Target group: everyone

Our basic guided tour takes you through the Museums main exhibition. The one-hour tour covers the basics of the Finnish history of aviation, both from a military and civilian viewpoint.

Children’s birthday tour

Target group: Children from 6 to 12 years

The Aviation Museum is an exciting venue for children’s birthday parties. The Museum offers our younger customers a birthday set, including a one-hour special tour in the main exhibition. During the tour, we get to know the basics of flying and aviation – by for instance visiting the flight simulator, that is normally closed from visitors. After the tour, the participants take a small test to get their own Junior Pilot’s Licence.

The price includes an entrance fee for ten children and two supervising adults. In addition, the price includes a birthday present for the celebrated and a small souvenier for the other child participants. For catering services, we recommend our Café Yläpilvi!