F/A-18C Hornet

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The Boeing F/A-18 C/D Hornet – the main fighter type of the Finnish Air Force since 1992

The main fighter type of the Finnish Air Force is the American Boeing (formerly McDonnell-Douglas) F-18 Hornet Multirole Fighter. The aircraft was designed in the 1980’s originally for the U.S. Naval Air Force. In 1992 the Hornet was chosen to replace the Swedish Saab 35 Drakens and Soviet MiG 21 bis fighters of the Finnish Air Force. The Hornet won the bidding contest against Swedish, French and American competitors. The Finnish Patria Ltd. has constructed most of the F-18 Hornets used in Finland.

The fleet of the Finnish Air Force consists nowadays of 62 Hornets, 55 single-seat C-variants and seven two-seat D-variants. The aircraft are to be replaced in the 2020’s.

Read more about the history of the Finnish Air Force: https://ilmailumuseo.fi/en/ilmavoimat/

The FAF Hornets are to be decommissioned within the next fifteen years. The Ministry of Defence launched a program to replace the capabilities of the current fleet, the HX Fighter Program, in 2015 – read more about the HX Program and the history of Finnish military aircraft acquisitions: https://ilmailumuseo.fi/en/hx/

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